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Talent Management and Succession Planning needn't be difficult

Imagine an online talent management and succession planning solution, designed by HR people for HR people.

It’s smart, simple and secure, but best of all it’s instantly applicable to your organisation, large or small.

Experience an advanced online system that gives you complete control of your strategic HR information.

Simple and intuitive

Instantly useable. No training is required. Interactive guides walk you through entering your data.

Talent management

Keep track of your talented people. Search intelligently to find the right person when you need them.

Real-world reporting

Create clear and concise reports that can be inserted directly in to your own presentations.

Instant results

From the point you sign up you could have an impressive succession plan ready in less than 60 minutes.

Succession planning

Build visually impressive charts that clearly show your strategy for the future.

Highly flexible

Not just limited to talent and succession you can also re-design your organisation, plot relocation opportunities and more...

The system is scalable and is as happy supporting an individual HR professional as it is a full-blown enterprise talent and succession review.

HR Professionals

It is perfect for individual HR professionals. Being low cost and easy to implement it can be used just by you on your desktop. It doesn’t require IT involvement, complex implementation projects or extensive training. Within a few hours your can become an HR hero.


As an experienced leader you know that best practice is to manage the careers of your most talented staff and to reduce risk by planning the succession of the team around you. Yet you may not have close HR support or access to the company HR systems. We solve that problem, putting the information you need at your fingertips.

HR Teams

Despite the low cost the system is enterprise capable. It was designed from the ground up to support use by teams of HR professionals working closely with the senior managers in the business. Employees can be grouped into multiple Talent Pools, access can be restricted to view only certain parts of the organisation, succession plans can be shared or kept confidential, users can be limited to view-only or allowed to contribute.

Is it secure?
The system runs on servers in a data centre run by the world’s leading hosting provider. We protect your information by using an encrypted connection between your browser and the server.

Can I upload my current data?
Yes. You can upload information about your employees to and from a simple spreadsheet.

Can I control who sees what?
Yes. As an administrator you can control which users have access to which records. You can even choose whether they can view, contribute to or control records.

Can I get my data out?
Yes. Your data belongs to you. There is an one-click option to export all of your talent data into a spreadsheet.

Are there any hidden costs?
No. After your free trial you pay a regular charge.